The platform that turns rental experiences from ugh to awesome!

Averly is a Web App that helps users save time, money and stress by digitising the entire rental process from applications to inspections with real-time notifications and maintenance logs.

Progressive Web App

My Involvement

From concept to product launch, I was the lead designer responsible for all design aspects. After launch, my responsibilities changed to facilitating and leading the design team with new features and improvements.

Research & Concept
Brand Identity
Quality Control

The Challenge

The relationship between Rental Agents, Landlords and Tenants have always been challenging.

Tenants need to jump through hoops to get good properties, and constantly feel cheated by Agents or Landlords.

Agents and Landlords don't know if someone will be a good tenant before leasing a property to them.

The Goal

The goal was to design a platform that builds better relationships between Tenants, Agents and Landlords by empowering people with greater transparency and honesty.

Our Solution

We created a fully responsive web application for both agents and tenants to improve transparency and communication every step of the way. Below are some key feature to achieve this:

The Averly score
Online applications
Online snag lists
Digital records

Tracking user behaviour

By incorporating Neuroscience and Machine Learning into our platform, we were able to track our users’ behaviour and calculate an Averly Score based on how both tenants and agents behave and interact during the property application and rental process.

Online applications

By digitising the application process we gave tenants the ability to create their profile once, and share their rental application multiple times to apply for different properties.

For agents and landlords, this meant receiving applications from tenants that are complete and includes all required and verified documents.

Communication between users

Tenants can view the status of their rental applications on their dashboard, and be notified the moment the agent has updated their status or made any changes.

Integration for credit checking

With seamless integration to leading credit check companies, agents and landlords can easily do credit checks on Tenants and receive the results directly on the Averly platform.

Transparency between users

To reduce misunderstandings, Tenants, Agents and Landlords can all log snags and maintenance items to the live and transparent snag list shared between all parties.

Digital property management

Once a tenant’s application is approved, the lease agreement, property inspections and maintenance reporting take place on the Averly platform.

The Team

Product Owner
IO Digital
Now Boarding
Product Design