Forecast the price of Bitcoin and win real rewards!

Designed for both Android and iOS, Crypto Challenge is a fun and engaging game where users can earn real Bitcoin by predicting if it's price will go up or down in the next 24 hours.


My Involvement

As the lead designer I was responsible for the full user experience and interface design as well as the brand identity.

User Experience
User Interface
Quality Control

The Goal

Create a fun way for users to gain insight into the crypto world while improving conversion to the SwissBorg App.

The Challenge

Analyse the first version of the app as a starting point for the new version

Research gamification methods that keep users engaged and excited.

Brainstorm ideas, create wireframes, prototypes and the user interface.

App features

We’ve created a meaningful user experience by including the features with the most value. The following journey was carefully designed to reach our goal.



Users need to check the price of Bitcoin and predict if it will go up or down in the next 24 hours. By picking a risk level, users can decide how many points they are willing to wager for each prediction.


After 24 hours users get notified of their prediction results. If they are correct, the points they placed on the prediction are doubled - if not, they lose the points.


With the progress tab, users can view their performance over time, and compare their rank with others. The higher their rank, the bigger their reward will be.


Top performers are offered real rewards, paid out in Bitcoin! The prize pool rewards the top 1’000 users and with a new series starting every month, users get more opportunities to win.


With seamless integration to the SwissBorg App, users can easily claim their Bitcoin rewards. Not only is this a great way for users to start their crypto investment, but it also improves conversion to the SwissBorg App.


Between series, there is a waiting period of 48 hours so all results can be verified. This is a great opportunity to push conversion to the SwissBorg App so users can claim their rewards and start their crypto investment.

Visual identity

The character, icons and bright colours give the brand its unique personality.

The Team

Product & Development
Bianca de Jong
Character Design

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