Earn Yield on your Cryptos with SwissBorg.

SwissBorg is a trusted blockchain-based investment platform, focusing on wealth management. With their Smart Yield feature, users can deposit their assets to a yield wallet and earn a daily yield.


My Involvement

I worked in close collaboration with SwissBorg’s product, technical and investment teams to shape the smart yield feature from start to finish.

User Experience
Interface designs

The Goal

Create an easy and intuitive way for users to earn a yield on their cryptos.

Main Challenges

Starting out with this feature, there were many unknowns, and the design needed to be easily adaptable to accommodate new requirements.

Taking complex investment processes and intricate technical requirements to create easy and simple user flows that users can understand and trust.

User Journey

Each step in the feature was carefully designed to lead the user through the process of investing.



Within the Marketplace and user’s Portfolio, all yield-bearing coins are clearly marked with a Yield label that includes the expected percentage of Yield.


But what is yield? For many users, this is a foreign term. By having a Learn More link, users have access to detailed, but yet easy to understand information on what yield is, how it’s calculated and how it can benefit them.


Users with an existing balance of a yield-bearing coin, can just tap on the Start Now button on their Account Screen and enter the amount they wish to subscribe. As soon as the next 24 hour cycle starts, they will start to earn Yield.


Users can track their investment growth with daily updates on the yield they’ve earned during the previous 24 hour cycle, their all-time yield balance as well as the live interest rate for the current cycle.


Users can redeem their funds at any time with no penalty or fee. Redeemed funds will be paid out at the end of the next 24h period.

Available on multiple crypto assets

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